The antihero thing from earlier (apparently “antihero” has roughly as many definitions as “mary sue,” no real surprise there) still has me thinking about the whole phenomenon.

I mean, you remember when Captain America: Winter Soldier came out, and a whole bunch of people immediately declared that Captain America is boring, and actual heroes are the product of naive optimism, and cold, clear-eyed realists prefer characters of questionable virtue who have to make Hard Choices.  Adults, apparently, want complication and muddy morality and antiheroes.

Of course, the problem with that pronouncement is that if you think about it for more than two seconds, you tend to realize that most of our Cranky Unshaven White Guy-brand antiheroes have character arcs that involve finding the strength to go back to being regular heroes.  How often does the Mercenary with the Heart of Gold character turn out to be someone who just never bothered being a good person? Practically never.*

Their backstory inevitably involves having been a hero, having been done wrong or having fucked up badly, and reacting to that pain by retreating into selfishness and opportunism.  Their journey is about reclaiming the person they once were, along with their sense of self and the conviction necessary to stick to their own values.  It’s about explicitly rejecting the idea that they have to take shortcuts or that the ends justify the means or that being good means being weak.  They spend the whole damn movie trying to fight their way back to being Steve Rogers.

*You do see asshole characters who finally run into a line they can’t cross and will sacrifice a great deal in defense of that, but I’m talking about the crunchy shell-gooey center characters.










Krystal Cantu 


"no excuses" = the great able-bodied circle jerk.

speaking of jerk, if she didn’t have either arms she wouldn’t be able to clean and jerk (or whatever that is, excuse me). is that an excuse?

yeah, some disabled people don’t have excuses. instead, they have VALID REASONS for being unable to do certain things.

what do you call a disabled person who can’t lift 135lbs over their head with one arm? what do you call an ordinary person who can’t lift 135lbs over their head with one arm? lazy? not trying hard enough? physical ability is not the only measure of a person.

on the other side of the coin, i do find this awe-inspiring due to her sheer strength. go ahead and be motivated or inspired start lifting — that’s fine. but “no excuses” is a quick way to say you don’t give a shit about millions of people.

Pretty sure “no excuses” was directed toward able bodied people who are capable of eventually doing this with hard work and determination. But continue being overly sensitive and emotional for no reason on your high horse. You’re not educating anyone as much as you are whining about your feelings gettin hurt

omg my feelings pls :’(

Yeah because if a disabled person can do it any able bodied person can do it right? Because disabled people are enough weaker that they serve as manageable inspiration because if they can do it you can. It’s not like they train to do these things for years, or they’re athletes at the peaks of their careers, they’re just disabled people so if they can do it you can.


Pretty sure “no excuses” was directed toward able bodied people who are capable of eventually doing this with hard work and determination.”

Exactly. This is the very crux of the problem that is being discussed. It’s called “inspiration porn”. It’s when you objectify another human being (a disabled one) for the consumption of able-bodied people. What if you had this exact same gifset but of a really ripped man lifting with two arms and the words “no excuses” under it? What would that image mean? How is the meaning there different than in this one? Can you notice the difference even if you can’t quite put it to words? 

The difference is, like the above comment elaborated, that you think a disabled woman is below something. She doesn’t have all the privilege you do, she’s not what you consider “normal”. Therefore, anyone above her in the world (able people, men, etc) should be able to do everything she does. Because you think that you, as a “normal” (read with the greatest disdain in your voice possible) person are better than her. That’s what “no excuses” means. And everyone should be angry about that, because that’s fucking messed up. 

This ends our latest installment of critical media theory, the thing that lets you understand what images mean. 

“Pretty sure “no excuses” was directed toward able bodied people who are capable of eventually doing this with hard work and determination.”

Because GOD FORBID people with disabilities see something about us and assume it’s about us.  GOD FORBID we think we deserve a spot in the audience, a voice in the discussion, a place at the table.

People with disabilities are just supposed to assume we are NEVER the people who are important.  “Oh, I didn’t mean YOU.”  “You’re not supposed to come through the front door.”  “This wasn’t made for you.”

"I didn’t MEAN you" = Of course you didn’t.  You’re used to us being pushed aside, silenced, swept under the rug.  Of course you didn’t think about what we would think and feel; you’ve never been encouraged to do it before.  You thought we would know our place, which is "not here".  It never is.

Do not turn the successes of PWD into sticks to beat the abled/presumed-abled (because how the fuck YOU know someone’s not labouring with depression, or bipolar, or anxiety, or PTSD, when even they might not?). It’s obnoxious.

You see someone overcome a challenge and gain confidence you can overcome your challenges? Awesome. Go, great heart, and overcome. You turn that person into a stick you can use to beat yourself and others? Really fucking shitty. Don’t do it.

Seeing a disabled person doing something awesome and thinking “Wow, she’s awesome!” = good.

Seeing a disabled person doing something awesome and thinking “Wow, if she can do that anyone can!” = WRONG WRONG WRONG BAD.

Simple enough?

(…wow. She is awesome! 8D)

Dream show




Chef Ramsay tracks down every idiot who’s ever made a woman-belong-in- the-kitchen “joke” and forces them to explain why it’s funny while he’s shouting at them

I have a deep need for this.

The thing is, he would probably do this.

At Risk Of Sounding Like A Wet Blanket

…this person has the right idea of how to celebrate the end of one of THOSE projects. XD


I’m so sorry, but I see this and all I can think is

Crowley no

what are you wearing

did Aziraphale knit that for you?

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every time I use “they” to refer to a single gender-unknown person on Tumblr, another piece of my grammar-filled heart shatters, and the pieces scatter at the bottom of hell

“they” is an english equivalent for the third person indefinite singular

English is one of the very few languages that does NOT have a gender-neutral third-person singular term.  Okay?  THEY is our version; it’s been the accepted version for hundreds of years, and it was only one stupid motherfucker in the 1800s throwing a hissy tantrum that “changed” the rules.



I have pretty much stopped using one of my favorite betas because said beta gives me shit about singular/plural “they” all the freaking time, even after we discussed the fact that she was incorrect.

If your English teacher/professor gives you shit for singular “they” when you are using it appropriately for gender-neutral terminology, they are also incorrect, and you should therefore treat everything else they try to teach you as suspect.

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A Story for Haiti: “The Effluent Engine” | Epiphany 2.0

And it’s for charity!

luuv2shop said: Or this one, please: 21. PMS, Tony and Clint





Clint only goes up to the common floor because he and Nat are out of maraschino cherries—he blames her, she’s the one who sneaks them onto things like savory crepes, for fuck’s sake—and there can be no sundae bar without maraschino cherries.  He’s a little caught off-guard by Tony buzzing through the shared kitchen like he’s in his workshop and on speed.  He’s not proud of it, but Clint does consider just backing away.

Then he gets the dual Captain America/Director Coulson angel-on-his-right-shoulder duo and asks, “Um.  You okay?”

Tony looks up, blinking over at him.  ”Does Natasha have reproductive parts?”

Clint takes a breath.  ”You have ten seconds to explain before I kick your ass.”

"No—" Tony waves his hands wildly.  "I mean—nevermind.  I just.  Pepp’s having cramps and I hate it when that happens because she’s in pain but she won’t let herself rest, because it’s just cramps,” Tony makes air quotes, but Clint would hear them without the help.  ”And I…I want to help.”

"Ah."  Clint supposes it’s not out of the realm of possibility to believe the Red Room might have taken that from Nat, given everything else they took.  "Yeah, she can be stubborn that way."


"Heat packs to her lower back and lower abdomen, a glass or two of wine, some ibuprofen if she’ll allow it.  Rub her shoulders and stay quiet."

"You make it sound easy."

"I nearly lost my reproductive capabilities in my first few tries.  But…it becomes a system.  And then it’s easier.”

"Thanks for the pep talk."

Clint shrugs and smiles.  ”You asked.”

Tony scowls.  Clint turns to go back.  At the last minute, he remembers the cherries.  When he goes to look, he finds Tony has, at some point, ordered a case.  Clint laughs a little and looks up.  ”You’re a good guy to know in a pinch, Stark.”

Tony doesn’t look away from the wine bottles he’s contemplated.  ”You’re not so bad yourself, Barton.”

so this reminds me of a Fun Family Story: My Life Should Be A Sitcom

Mostly i don’t get cramps too bad, but about once a year I have a bad time of it and i just mope and curl up and pray for it to be over.  This happened one month this spring  and I was curled up in front of the TV in my comforter with a cup of tea when my dad and brother. Dad makes an unlucky comment and i snark back, likely along the lines that they don’t have to worry about catching what i have, due to their lack of a double-X chromosome.

Later that night my brother comes up to my room looking vaguely nervous and proffers a bowl of the nice chocolate chips and says “According to my fanfic readings, this is the correct course of action to help you feel better.”

It was fucking adorable, even if i tend to be of the “no food ever”  rather than the “cravings” side of things.

Oh my god, Tsu, that is the CUTEST THING!

According to my fanfic readings.